Famous family fled from blaze

Cotswold Journal: BLAZE: Some of the damage to the Dotrice family home in Tredington, near Shipston, 50 years ago.

2:20pm Thursday 16th January 2014

THE Journal reported how a noted theatrical family escaped from a raging house fire 50 years ago.

Bomb victim is still in hospital (October 6, 1988)

10:00am Saturday 12th October 2013

A BOMB blast victim from the Vale was still in hospital 25 years ago after celebrating his 32nd birthday.

Well, would ewe believe it?

Cotswold Journal: MULTIPLE BIRTHS: The cross-Suffolk ewes at Ab Lench which produced two batches of lambs.

10:00am Friday 11th October 2013

FOUR cross-suffolk ewes at the Ab Lench farm of Mr F P Hadley gave birth to two batches of lambs within 12 months 50 years ago.

Villagers in flap over chicken farm

10:00am Thursday 10th October 2013

OPPOSITION was growing among villagers in Lower Moor 25 years ago as planning giant Velcourt Ltd was planning to double its poultry productions by building three new broiler houses, equipment and feed stores.

Newlyweds lose home in a blaze

Cotswold Journal: HUNT: Fire crews search the ashes for the lost ring.

10:30am Thursday 18th April 2013

A NEWLY-wed couple lost nearly everything except the clothes they were wearing when their caravan home was destroyed by fire at King Stone Farm, Long Compton, on Good Friday in 1963.

Pershore run out victorious

2:00pm Thursday 14th February 2013

THE Journal carried the following report of a football match that took place 100 years ago between Pershore Rovers and Childswickham.

Calves born four days apart

Cotswold Journal: Calves born four days apart

12:00pm Thursday 14th February 2013

TWO Charollais crossbred calves were born four days apart to a Fresian cow on the Springhill, Fladbury, farm of JF Bomford Ltd, the Journal reported 50 years ago.

Snowshill lives up to its name

10:00am Thursday 14th February 2013

MOST of the schoolchildren in the Cotswold village of Snowshill had the longest Christmas holiday of their lives 50 years ago.

Variety party of 50 years ago was a popular draw

Cotswold Journal: AROUND THE PIANO: The Happy Wanderers proved a popular attraction in the early 1960s

11:40am Thursday 3rd January 2013

A VARIETY party entertained the people of Evesham on New Year’s Eve 50 years ago.

NostalgiaJournal - Man ran through town in hotpants and a bikini top

11:00am Friday 23rd November 2012

RONNIE Hunt, a guest at the Bear Hotel, in Port Street, Evesham, decided to run through the town barefoot in November 1972 wearing hotpants and a bikini top.

NostalgiaJournal - Shy men wouldn’t sit next to women

2:30pm Thursday 22nd November 2012

ELDERLY Cotswold men are shy, it transpired at a meeting of the North Cotswold Old People’s Welfare Committee in 1972.

NostalgiaJournal - Earl led charge for almshouses

Cotswold Journal: COMFORT: Chipping Campden Almshouse resident Mary Moore

12:30pm Thursday 1st November 2012

THE Almshouses in Chipping Campden were possibly the most famous and most photographed in Britain – but like so many other beautiful buildings 40 years ago were not the most comfortable.

On reflection, they were the happiest days

Cotswold Journal: On reflection, they were the happiest days

11:28am Thursday 25th October 2012

READING about this year’s A-level results in the Journal brought back many memories to Michael Barnard of his own school days when the anxiety of exams during the summer months built up to such a pitch that the only escape from wondering what was to be was to get engrossed in drawing or painting a picture about as far away as possible from maths, French or algebra. He talked to Gerry Barnett about it.

Shock at man’s starvation death

12:40pm Saturday 20th October 2012

IT was a shocking commentary on the social conditions of this country 100 years ago that it was possible for a man of 33 years of age to die of starvation.

Sweets taken off rations as children marked Coronation

Cotswold Journal: Sweets taken off rations as children marked Coronation

9:00am Saturday 20th October 2012

IN the Queen’s Coronation year, celebrations took place across the Vale welcoming the new monarch to the throne.

Whoa boy! Horse bolted after being spooked by steam roller

3:00pm Thursday 11th October 2012

SOME excitement was caused in Mill Street, Evesham, 100 years ago by a runaway horse.

Can you spot the familiar faces in this cadet troop?

Cotswold Journal: LEFT, RIGHT: Some of these youngsters pictured in 1956 are still well-known people in Evesham.

11:30am Thursday 11th October 2012

MORE than 50 years ago Evesham Sea Cadets marched through the town at the annual Trafalgar Day parade.

Bell Tower’s friend

Cotswold Journal: STONEMASON: Charles Keitley.

12:00pm Sunday 29th July 2012

MORE than 60 years after he helped repair Evesham’s Bell Tower the family of stonemason Charles Keitley have remembered when he hit the headlines.

Transport firm’s smallest vehicle

Cotswold Journal: IVOR’S ENGINE: Ivor Marshall behind the wheel of the train, owned by Marshalls Transport.

12:00pm Friday 27th July 2012

THE family of the driver of a train featured on this page earlier this month have recalled his time behind the wheel.

Jacko was first bird on the box

10:00am Friday 20th July 2012

OSTRICHES were running wild in Bishampton 75 years ago at a private aviary, including the first birds ever to be televised in England.

Are you related to girl in painting?

Cotswold Journal: Are you related to girl in painting?

10:00am Thursday 19th July 2012

A VICTORIAN painting featuring a girl from North Littleton which was expected to fetch more than £700,000 when it went under the hammer, failed to attract a buyer.

Journal tribute to Peter Pan creator

12:09pm Friday 29th June 2012

THE death of the man behind the tale of Peter Pan, Sir James Barrie, was reported in the Journal 75 years ago.

Nostalgia - Bredon’s ‘primitives’ kicked off

Cotswold Journal: PULL: The Journal reported crowds of several thousand people at the Robert Dover’s Games of 1972.

1:00pm Thursday 7th June 2012

THE Robert Dover’s Games, which celebrated their 400th anniversary last weekend, took place as usual on a windy hill above Chipping Campden 40 years ago, attracting a record crowd of several thousand.

Nostalgia - Horrible murder of family's duck

10:00am Thursday 7th June 2012

A POPULAR Pershore pet was found strangled in the garden of its owners 40 years ago.

Nostalgia - Gissit isn’t only a Papal imperative

12:00pm Thursday 17th May 2012

Formality or friendliness? That was the question as Journal editor Bill Clarke, writing as Ben Judd, pondered the usage and significance of the Asum command ‘gissit’ in 1959

‘Bored housewife’ got away with five trolleys-worth in store raid

12:00pm Thursday 26th April 2012

A SUPERMARKET in Bridge Street, Evesham, was raided 40 years ago.

Nostalgia - The day the sun stopped shining

9:00am Thursday 26th April 2012

THE Journal reported on an eclipse 100 years ago.

Was ist das? German filmcrew treated to Olimpick showcase

Cotswold Journal: A round up of pictures from the Cotswold Olimpick showcase.

11:28am Thursday 12th April 2012

AS preparations steam ahead for the 400th Cotswolds Games this summer, 40 years ago a Journal reporter was experiencing some of the event’s sports at a special showcase.

School plays in 1972

Cotswold Journal: This picture from 1972 shows pupils of Evesham High School presenting one in a series of three plays.

2:30pm Saturday 24th March 2012

THIS picture from 1972 shows pupils of Evesham High School presenting one in a series of three plays.

Estate agents reported boom in house sales, with soaring prices

9:34am Thursday 22nd March 2012

HOUSE sales in Evesham were booming 40 years ago.

‘We’re holding our own,’ said grateful vicar to townspeople

10:28am Thursday 8th March 2012

THE people of Evesham earned warm praise from the Vicar of the town, Rev A Webb, 40 years ago.

Luck, liquor and lion taming

Cotswold Journal: Arthur ready to intervene to help his nephew in the cage in 1933, far left.

10:00am Thursday 1st March 2012

IT certainly wouldn’t have been advertised on the billboards, but the climax of Captain Nayara Swami’s lion taming act with Ringland’s Circus in Abbey Park, Evesham, in 1950 came when three of his animals turned on him.

Quite a result

9:33am Thursday 15th December 2011

THE Journal reported on a junior football match 40 years ago, the scoreline of which could most charitably described as “conclusive”. The report of 1971 read: “Evesham Cubs found Hampton Cubs in fine footballing form last week.

Top honour for former war artist

9:32am Thursday 15th December 2011

A VALE artist won a great honour 40 years ago.

From the archives

9:30am Thursday 15th December 2011

100 years ago

Mayor’s pride at second chance to proclaim a new king in 1936

Cotswold Journal: Mayor’s pride at second chance to proclaim a new king in 1936

9:28am Thursday 15th December 2011

THESE were the scenes when people gathered in Evesham to hear the news of a new king 75 years ago.

From the archives

10:10am Thursday 24th November 2011

100 years ago

Scouts got a smart new base

10:08am Thursday 24th November 2011

A SMART new base for Scouts in Pershore was described as “too grand to be a hut” 40 years ago.

Dream came true for youngster with a tour of town’s fire station

Cotswold Journal: Vale youngster Oliver Hutchinson has a go on the slippery pole at Evesham Fire Station

10:06am Thursday 24th November 2011

A DREAM came true for a little boy 40 years ago when he was taken on a tour of Evesham Fire Station.

Face to face with the past

11:14am Tuesday 22nd November 2011

THE almost complete skeleton of a 5th century Anglo- Saxon woman was discovered in Bidford 40 years ago.

Crash into pylon plunged village into darkness

11:12am Tuesday 22nd November 2011

A VALE village was plunged into darkness 40 years ago when a car left the road, flew through the air – passing over a deep ditch – and hit a wire supporting an electricity pylon.


11:08am Tuesday 22nd November 2011

100 years ago November 18, 1911 FOR many years one of the special features of the Overbury Court gardens has been the growing of chrysanthemums, and the perfection to which this favourite flower of Japan has reached was well shown on Sunday when the beautiful grounds and conservatory were opened to the public by the usual thoughtfulness of Sir Richard and Lady Martin, who gave a very kindly greeting to each one of the many visitors. Coming to the show itself, one was struck by the immense size, especially in the bronze and white varieties, of the blooms which rivalled in purity of colour and symmetry the prize winners seen at the Birmingham and Cheltenham shows. Beautifully arranged in groups under gigantic palms or on each side of doorways, these monster bouquets in which the colours of bronze, white, yellow and cream were perfectly blended, and contrasted, and from which pretty blue spikes of salvia reared their heads, reminded one of previous journeys into Eastern lands where these floral displays are an everyday occurrence.

Journalist of 1911 painted vivid word picture of hunt’s first meet

11:06am Tuesday 22nd November 2011

THE Journal published a highly detailed report of a hunt’s first meet of the season 100 years ago.

Diamond wedding couple kept a dignified distance in photograph

Cotswold Journal: Diamond wedding couple kept a dignified distance in photograph

9:51am Thursday 3rd November 2011

A “REMARKABLE old couple”

Disappointment after closely fought rugby game

9:58am Thursday 3rd November 2011

THERE was disapppointment for a Vale rugby union team 75 years ago.

From the Archives

9:57am Thursday 3rd November 2011

100 years ago - November 4, 1911 AT about 10pm on Wednesday night PC Sharpe saw a man coming along the riverbank carrying a bag and when asked what it contained said “nothing”.


11:58am Thursday 27th October 2011

100 years ago AN interesting game of billiards was witnessed at the Royal Three Tuns Hotel in Pershore on Monday evening between Claude Falkner, the West of England champion, and William Smith, the champion of Worcestershire. There was a large attendance of local billiard enthusiasts. The landlord of the hotel Mr Bird introduced the players and Mr Wood, himself an excellent amateur player, officiated as scorer. Falkner, who made a break of over 300 against Stevenson a short time ago, conceded his opponent a 350 start in 1,000 up. But he was only 717 when Smith ran out. For a long time it looked as though the defeat would be more severe, for Smith was within 150 of his total before Falkner had reached the figure at which he conceded. Then the latter made a beautiful break of 154, which was the highest of the match. The next highest was Smith’s 63. It was evident the table was not fast enough for Falkner who misjudged a considerable number of easy strokes, besides sacrificing a great deal for position.

'Unfortunate incident' led to team’s collapse

11:56am Thursday 27th October 2011

AMID frayed tempers and a mysterious “unfortunate incident”

Village fete went ahead despite terrible weather

10:50am Thursday 16th June 2011

Despite a considerable amount of rainfall and a dull, gloomy sky, the fete held in the Vicarage garden at Stoulton, near Pershore, 75 years ago, was a great success, being attended by a large crowd of people from the village and surrounding district, who quickly entered into the spirit of the thing and extended their patronage to the many and varied attractions.

Villagers feared gipsy children would ‘swamp’ primary school

10:50am Thursday 16th June 2011

ARRANGEMENTS were being made at Norton 40 years ago for a meeting to enable villagers from both Norton and Lenchwick to hear the case for a gipsy caravan site at Hipton Hill.

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