PERSHORE swimmers easily beat their rivals in the PGL League second round at Redditch.

They totalled 182 points to see off Oldbury (156) and Worcester (132) with 34 first places from 60 events and 50 new personal best times.

Pershore also secured nine wins in the age group relays.

Callum Sanderson was second in the boys' 13 to 14 50-metre butterfly before Naomi Marsden recorded their first win in the girls' equivalent in 38.19 seconds.

Will Clarke won the boys' 12 and under 50m backstroke in 40.64 and Helena Leach finished second for the girls.

Luke Betteridge bagged gold in the boys' 11-u 25m breaststroke in 23.17, while Isobel Cumming was second in the girls' contest.

The boys' 10-u relay of Ronan Williams, Owen Kirby, Patrick Heeks and Liam Cope triumphed in one minute 23.96 seconds.

Eleanor Christodoulou, Macey French, Hannah Woodcock and Holly Wylde won the girls' race in 1.25.89.

Oliver Smith was third in the boys' nine years 25m freestyle and Tamara Marsden claimed victory for the girls in 18.74.

Daisy Tolley won the girls' 13-14 50m backstroke in 38.74, Jamie Saunders the boys' 11-u 25m freestyle in 16.50, Ellen Cope the girls' 11-u 25m freestyle in 16.83 and Williams the boys' 10-u 25m butterfly in 20.54.

More victories followed for the 12-u 4x25m medley relay teams of Clarke, Chris Vizard, Josh Sharratt and James Thomas and Naomi Marsden, Charlotte Downey, Tolley and Leach.

There were seconds for Wylde in the girls' 10-u 25m butterfly along with Robert Thorner and Georgia Winkley in the nine years 25m breaststroke.

Josh Lane, Jack Betteridge, Owen Leeks and Sanderson won the boys' 13-14 4x25m medlay relay in 1.06.26.

Tolley, Hannah Simister, Jasmine Taite and Hope Rochelle also triumphed for the girls in 1.08.94.

Sharratt was second in the boys' 12-u 50m breaststroke and Woodcock won the girls' race in 45.90.

Thomas finished third in the boys' 11-u 25m butterfly, while Liam Cope was second in the 10-u 25m freestyle and Wylde third in the girls' race.

Taite won the girls' 13-14 50m breaststroke in 43.53 and Clarke added third in the boys' 12-u 50m freestyle.

Kirby took bronze in the 10-u 25m backstroke as did Christodolou for the girls.

Pershore won the boys' and girls' 11-u 4x25m medley in 1.20.45 and 1.18.59 respectively. The mixed nine years 4x25m medley team triumphed in 1.33.61.

Sanderson won the boys' 13-14 50m freestyle in 33.05, Simister the girls' equivalent in 34.15 and Heeks the boys' 12-u 50m butterfly in 38.55.

Leach was third in the girls' 12-u 50m butterfly, while Williams and Downey won in the boys' and girls' 11-u 25m backstroke in 20.44 and 19.64 respectively.

Kirby took silver in the boys' 10-u 25m breaststroke, Christodolou bronze in the girls' 25m breaststroke and Tamara Mardsen bronze in the nine years 25m butterfly.

Pershore then won seven out of the eight 4x25m freestyle relay events before claiming the boys' and girls' 10x25m freestyle cannons.

Heeks, Downey and French competed in the Nuneaton and Bedworth Spring Open.

Heeks won silvers in the boys' 10 years 100m backstroke in 1.20.67 with his first Midlands time and the 100m freestyle in 1.11.63.

Downey, 11, recorded personal bests and French swam well in the 10 year group.