LOCATIONS of mobile speed detection vans in the county are being posted on Gloucestershire's Road Safety Partnership website for the first time.

The six roads that have been identified as a priority by local people and police officers for the upcoming month are already available to view at roadsafety-gloucestershire.org.uk.

In future, the information will also be posted on Gloucestershire Police's website and Twitter feed.

The list will be updated each month and complemented with statistics from the previous month showing how many people have been flouting the law and how many people have been fined.

The speed detection vans will continue to visit other areas across the county and operate on most days of the year.

Rob Vestey, from the Road Safety Partnership, said: "This is all about reducing speeds across the county and particularly those hotspot areas that have been identified.

"It also shows us acting on community concerns and will provide people with clear information about what we have found.

"We won't be advertising the days we will be at each site but if someone looks at the list and adjusts their behaviour when they are driving along that road clearly this will have been a success."

Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, said: "Safe and social driving is one of the priorities of my Police and Crime Plan.

"I am determined to help people move around our communities in safety and with as much ease as possible and this will make a significant contribution to that aim.

"This isn't about catching people out - we're trying to influence and educate motorists into acting more responsibly and I'm really pleased people will have access to this information and will be able to see just how active we are."

The sites for August include A40 Hampnett, a main road running through the Cotswolds.