YOUNGSTERS at Longborough Primary School braved some of the rainforest's creepiest crawlies as part of their English, Science and Geography studies.

Paul Carpenter, who has travelled through tropical rainforests around the world, visited the children recently with his "life in the Rainforest" workshop.

He brought along a variety of stick insects, a dart frog, a giant millipede and even tarantula for them to stroke and talked to the palm oil industry.

Mr Carpenter also brought some ivory, a turtle shell and some bags made from crocodile skin to teach some of the older children about conservation and animal protection issues.

Headteacher Clare Fisher said: "Mostly they loved they, they were all really fascinated. We're so lucky wit the internet but I don't think anything can replace the reality of seeing something in front of you.

"It gives them that wow factor to really appreciate them which we think it did very effectively."