A MUSUEM in Broadway has teamed up with Long Lartin prison near Evesham to produce a pair of bookends.

The bookends, which were designed in 1926 by Gordon Russell, feature in a new book Drawn to Design by Ray Leigh and Trevor Chinn.

Their book features more than 100 early designs by Gordon Russell including several small domestic items which were thought could sold in the Gordon Russell Design Museum shop.

Laurie Wolder, former Joint Managing Director of the company, knew a woodwork Instructor at the prison in South Littleton and asked him if they would be interested in making the items.

After several visits to the prison workshops by Mr Wolder along with former Chairman of the company Ray Leigh and current chairman of the Gordon Russell Trust, Richard Paice, samples were produced of the bookends and also jewellery boxes which the workshops were already making.

Mr Paice said: "I was really excited about this opportunity, to perhaps bring some purpose and stimulation to the woodwork team.

"Our visit was hugely impressive, with a great sense of teamwork within the workshop."

Prisoner governor Tom Wheatley said: "Working closely with the Gordon Russell Trust has given our offenders an opportunity to apply their skills constructively whilst also providing genuine, quality

products from our woodwork factories which the public can enjoy.

"We are proud to be associated with the Gordon Russell Trust and given their illustrious history we

look forward to developing our partnership with them and the local community further.”

The bookends are now on sale in the museum shop.