A DEDICATED Shipston town councillor has resigned after a decade of service.

In a letter read out to councillors Alan Noyce said it was with “much regret” he was tendering his resignation.

“I found I can’t put the time or the energy to be kind of councillor the town requires,” he said.

“I really have enjoyed my time. When I think back to what it was when I first joined to what it is today. I shall miss my little battles with Councillor Saint (leader of Stratford District Council) and discussions with town councillors.”

Mr Noyce joined his late wife Angela on the council in 2004 and they set up the working party system - where small groups of councillors had responsibility for different areas of council work.

He was mayor between 2007 and 2009 while his wife was mayor in 2004 and 2006.

Paying tribute, mayor Ronnie Murphy thanked all the work he had done during his years of service and said it was with regret they accepted his resignation.