SINCE suffering horrendous burns two years ago, a Pershore teenager has taken huge steps in his recovery and featured in a television documentary about his treatment.

Frank Richardson appeared in Making Faces, a Channel 5 documentary that explored the work of prosthetists and on Sunday was named runner-up in the factual series category of the Scottish Baftas.

Alongside Frank, aged 16, was the man who has been helping him since the night he was injured, Stefan Edmondson, principal maxillofacial prosthetist and healthcare scientist, who hails from Peopleton, just a few miles from the teenager’s home.

Frank told the Journal about what life was like after the accident in which a kerosene stove exploded, causing horrific burns to his face.

“It happened on October 27 in 2011,” said the Pershore High School pupil. “I had a little petrol stove in the kitchen.

“I was really scared. I had skin grafts from my chest and shoulders and my face. I remember opening my eyes and my mum and dad were there. I said, ‘what happened?’”

Frank was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and as part of the recovery process, was given a mask that blanched his scars to smooth the skin.

“I feel the mask really benefits me. At the start I used to hide behind it but now I know it is going to get me to a better stage.

”When I found out about the Bafta I thought they were joking. I am very proud. I would like to say how fantastic the people at the hospital are.”

Mr Edmondson also made the titanium cranioplasty, or skull plate, for Malala Yousafzai – the Pakistani girl shot in the face by the Taliban. He said: “In the show Frank is a year post burn and he is getting on really well. It is testament to his bravery.

They filmed with us for six months exploring what we do in prosthetists.

“It was quite a strange turn around of events that I live in Peopleton and Frank comes from Pershore.”