TV presented Ben Fogle has claimed his drink was spiked in a Gloucestershire pub, according to reports.

The 39-year-old, who sprang to fame after appearing in Castaway in 2000 and regularly presents Animal Park, was reported to have inadvertently taken the drug LSD, when out drinking in pub on Friday.

The pub is thought to be in Stow.

A report in the Daily Mail said he and his wife Marina and their children were staying at a family friend’s house in Gloucestershire when he ‘flipped’ after returning from a country pub.

It said his "terrified wife and friends locked him in a room for his safety after he tried to jump out of a window until an ambulance came to take him" and he spent 12 hours in A&E and had tests on his heart and brain following the incident.

Yesterday he tweeted: "Whoever spiked my drink with mind altering drugs and put me in A&E with a psychotic fit. Did you think of the damage you would cause?"

A further tweet from the TV star today said: "Thank you for concern. I am fine now. Thanks to the NHS staff and, on behalf of whoever did this, sorry for wasting your time and resources."

Alexa Collicott, Gloucestershire Police spokesman, said they had received a call yesterday froma man reporting that he believed his drink had been spiked whilst socialising in Stow on Friday evening.

"Officers have attempted to contact the man to gather further details," she said.