AN action group campaigning for a lower speed limit along a notorious Cotswold road have been left astonished by a new set of police figures.

Ninety-two thousand people were clocked breaking the speed limit on the A436 between the Air Balloon roundabout and Bourton during October and November.

Data collected from six locations along the stretch of road recorded the speeds of than a quarter of a million vehicles, with the highest speed of 136mph recorded near Andoversford.

Action group the North Cotswolds Rural area Against Speeding Harm (No Crash) was formed in the summer to combat drivers clocking up excessive speeds.

Their campaign was launched just days before the death of Jaclyn Parks, aged 36, from Blockley, who was killed in a crash on the A436 on July 21.

Councillor Paul Hodgkinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats at Cotswold District Council, who is chairman of the group, said people were shocked by the findings which attracted the attention of national press.

“People have been astonished by it,” he said. “We always knew that speeding was a real issue, not just perception.

While some spots show that the average speeds recorded were within the limit they also show just how many people ignore it.

“After Christmas we’re going to meet with highways to find out what their reaction to the figures are.”

Police will continue to carry out speed checks over the next few months at different points along the A436.

Peter Hellyar, who is a resident along the road, has been frustrated by speeding drivers for many years but is still sceptical about anything being done to stop them.

“They [police and highways] seem to be complacent about it all. What concerns me is we’re not the only action group in Gloucestershire.

They are springing up all over. Only regular enforcement of the speed limit along various parts of the road will show drivers that it’s unacceptable to use the road as a race track.”

Jason Humm, area highways manager, said: “While the police are responsible for enforcing speed limits, we constantly review our highest priority roads.”