THEY met during the Second World War and 70 years on, a Bidford couple are still going strong.

Robert and Gwendoline Chappell celebrated seven decades of marriage last Friday with a platinum wedding party at Waterloo House Care Home in Bidford where they both live.

The pair, originally from Sturton-le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire, met in 1939 while Mr Chappell was out walking.

At the time both Mr and Mrs Chappell, aged 91, worked for the Army, he as a chef and she for the War Office.

Mr Chappell, 96, said: “I was just out for a walk one day and I saw her and went over to speak to her. We didn’t meet that often during the war as I was stationed in Iceland, then came back and was sent to Normandy just after D Day.

“The work Gwen did for the War Office was top secret – and she could never tell me about it.”

After the war, Mr Chappell carried on working as a chef, having left the Army and his wife stayed at home to look after their son, Graham.

They now also have two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Mr Chappell, who says he keeps himself active by looking after a small herd of cattle and helping his elderly neighbour tend the garden, said the couple had many happy memories.

He added: “We both used to enjoy gardening. It was a lovely hobby to share. We’ve had a lot of happy years together.”