Fourteen drivers employed by Evesham RDC received safe driving awards for safe driving during 1969, 41 years ago.

They were SD Corbett, D Gould, JF Hopkins, J Icke, H Ingles, HW Mitchell, DJ Smith all of whom received the 1969 bar for safe driving for six to eight years and CD Bruce, GH Dallimore, GT Emms, LM Haines, A Perkins, B Perkins and WK Taylor, all f who received diplomas.

The awards were presented at the council’s depot at Blackminster by JD Wilson, chairman of the council, who congratulated the drivers on this record and hoped they would continue accident free. (Picture from our 1989 files).

l Mr JD Wilson, chairman of Evesham RDC, talks to Messrs SD Corbett, D Gould, H Ingles, HW Mitchell and DJ Smith who received safe driving diplomas.