PERMISSION has been granted by Cotswold District Council (CDC) for two new houses within a Bourton-on-the-Water development with 100 other houses, despite an uproar by residents.

The application was made by Mr W. Down who proposed to build two detached four-bedroom houses at land adjacent to Little Court, Essex Place.

The plans however received 22 letters of objection by residents who raised concerns about the road safety of the 100-home development, where a shared space scheme is still under construction.

CDC councillor Len Wilkins who represents the Bourton-on-the-Water area told members of the planning committee on Wednesday: “This is severe. This is a development of 100 houses. It is already severe. Please do not look at this as just two houses.

“We already have a development, we already have 100 houses and we already have an accident where a young girl was hit by a car.

“Please put it back until we have sorted this road out and made it safe. We all know how dangerous (shared spaces) are so that is why I am asking you to take it into account.

“I really think that this development should be stopped. This scheme is dangerous to allow more cars on is going to allow more danger.”

But the CDC case officer for the application told councillors that the cumulative impact of the two additional houses is ‘low’, in his opinion.

Cllr David Fowles said he supported Cllr Wilkins and residents: “It seems to me that we should listen to residents. There is an issue here on traffic. I am totally behind the ward member and residents and I think we should be refusing.”

Cllr Tony Berry asked if a deferment of the application was possible. He said: “I really think that as it stands, there is so much uncertainty and I would only think we should not be looking at this at this stage without understanding what some of the issues might be.”

But Cllr Patrick Coleman said that the addition of two houses was unlikely to make much difference: “There are many things I do not like. I do not however see any sustainable way of refusing this application on anything to do with highways and traffic.

“When we come to issues of materiality, two per cent is nearly never material.

“I do see there is an issue with shared space but I do not see it as part of this application.”

Cllr Stephen Hirst agreed, saying: “The real challenge is how to make the development safe for residents, with or without two houses. What we are considering is these two houses.”

Councillors on CDC’s planning committee voted to approve the application, with nine in favour, three against and three abstaining.