AFRICAN bird displays have been unveiled at a parkland as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations.

The African area at Birdland Park and Gardens at Bourton-on-the-Water features a total of nine aviaries, six of which have been newly constructed to showcase the huge variety of birds found on the continent.

Among the new species on display are a flock of black-cheeked lovebirds and a colony of village weavers, famous for their extraordinary nest-building prowess.

Other birds include touracos, starlings, guinea fowl and exotic ducks and the feature also incorporates African hornbills.

“We wanted to create an entirely new themed area in the centre of the park to celebrate the amazing biodiversity of African birdlife. said Birdland’s Simon Blackwell.

“Each of the aviaries has been designed to provide maximum flying area for the birds and we have incorporated lots of natural theming; including rope, logs, plants and plenty of potential nesting materials.

“Many of the new species have already started nesting and even laying eggs and the weaver birds are hard at work constructing their incredibly complex woven nests,” he added.

The area also includes new viewing points of Birdland’s resident great flamingo and pink backed pelican colonies; both of which are found in Africa.

The feature is part of a series of events and activities to mark the anniversary of Birdland, which first opened to the public back in 1957.

Birdland features more than 500 birds, ranging from birds of prey and parrots to cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays.

The park is open daily from 10am, visit for more information.