SCHOOL pupils won an award after taking part in an F1 challenge.

Students from Chipping Campden Academy took home the judges recommendation award at the recent F1 in Schools STEM Challenge UK Finals 2017 at Silverstone.

The team of boys, Noah Booker 14, Christopher Bridges, 15 and Charlie Rainey, 14 had put in hundreds of hours working on their car, display, verbal presentation and portfolio in this global educational initiative.

The judges said of the team: "Team Zoom had multiple challenges, as the team members are split between two schools a fair distance apart and they use their own time and resources for the challenge, learning on their own and using their own initiative to meet all the judging requirements, well done guys."

F1 in Schools challenges students to create their own Formula 1 team which is commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest miniature Formula 1 car of the future.

Each team builds a 21cm long scale model built from a modelling block and powered by a compressed air cylinder.

They then create a ‘pit’ display and showcase their work in developing their race car.

At the national finals each team brings along a pit display, their cars and portfolio, as well as having prepared a verbal presentation for the judges.

The cars race on a 20 metre track, with the cars covering the distance in around one second.