STINKING sewage and overflowing drains are causing a headache for residents in Moreton.

People living in Moreton Park have been facing the “horrendous” stench ofsewage and drains full of rubble and they say they arefed up with it.

This is the latest problem facing some people living in the development who, as previously reported, have also had to contend with an infestation of maggots.

Bringing their concerns before Moreton Town Council on Monday night, Moreton Park resident Neil Thornton said the situation was becoming unbearable.

“The stench we’ve got from the sewage area at the end of plot, the main sewage container. It’s horrendous,”

he said.

“Some of you really ought to walk around MoretonPark and have a look at the main road drains. They are full of rubbish.

It’s just ridiculous. One of them is so full it’s up to the brim.

“If that’s the way they live at Cala and Sovereign, God help us all.”

Jackie Smith, who has lived in the new Moreton Park development for the last year, has been plagued with scores of slimy maggots on her patio after it rains.

She said although the maggots had not been as bad in the dry weather, the problem is still there.

The 44-year-old, who lives in a part-owned, part-rented property in Whitley Court with her husband David, said: “You wake up in the mornings and all you can smell is sewage.

“If I had known what I know now I wouldn’t have moved here.”

The town council has been in contact with CALA Homes on behalf of residents regarding the situation.

Darren Wright, construction and customer service director for CALA Homes Midlands, told the Journal there have been problems with the sewage system. But he said they were caused by the sort of things residents are disposing of.

“Our recent investigation works revealed the problems experienced with the sewage system relate to nappies and wipes being deposited into the system, causing blockages and the failure of the pumps,” he said.

“CALA Homes, Bloor Homes and Sovereign housing association have written to residents on three separate occasions to address this matter.

“The pumps were cleared and serviced at the beginning of the month but blocked again the following day due to the volume of backed-up debris.

He added: “Maintenance work is currently underway to clear the whole system.”

A spokesman for Sovereign said: “We are aware of the issues with the drains and are working with Cala Homes to resolve the matter as soon as possible.”