GRAVE concerns about road safety outside a proposed new food store in Bourton are “not being listened to”, say the parish council.

Supermarket chain Midcounties Co-Operative is hoping to demolish the former Salmonsbury House care home site in Station Road to make way for a new single-storey food store.

But while the parish council say they are in favour of the new store, their fear there is not enough room for lorries to turn in the “narrowest part” of Station Road were falling on deaf ears.

Speaking at this month's meeting, Chairman Bryan Sumner said: “I’m very concerned our voice is not being heard. Engineers keep submitting reports telling me you can drive a truck around the right angle bend and you don’t interrupt traffic the other side.

“I’ve measured the road width, it’s five yards wide. You won’t do it unless you stop all the traffic in both directions.

“We have really valid reasons but highways still say you can do it. We don’t object to the Co-op site, we just want to be listened to on various small points.”

Councillor Jim Cowen said the turn there was “impossible” while Vice-chairman Tim Faulkner said Bourton transport company Hacklings agreed it was a tight spot.

“They don’t think they can get lorries out of there unless in some instances mounting the path,” he said.

Cllr Sumner said he wanted to meet planning officer Martin Perks to discuss the issue further.