IMPROVEMENTS to the railway which links the North Cotswolds with London, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire have been welcomed by a council leader.

Great Western is currently carrying out a public consultation on the route, seeking views on how the franchise should serve the region in the five year period from September 2015 onwards.

The consultation, which runs until Thursday, June 26, will provide vital information for the Department for Transport when it makes a decision later this year about the best approach for the franchise, the region and the communities it serves.

Councillor Lynden Stowe, leader of Cotswold District Council, said they has been consulted on improvements and is urging residents to follow suit.

As part of the Council’s response he said he will be pressing for the reopening of Chipping Campden station.

“This is a huge opportunity for the Council and residents to demand a better rail service which would boost the economy of the North Cotswolds,l" he said. "I believe we should push for quicker, faster and more frequent trains.

"I also think that there is a strong case for the reopening of Chipping Campden station given the amount of people and businesses in the area that would benefit from an efficient train service.

"I am convinced that there is a demand for two trains an hour to Oxford and an hourly train to London from Worcestershire.

"Using the new InterCity Express Programme rolling stock would also reduce the travel time and entice more visitors from London to places like Moreton.”