FARMERS near Moreton who opened their gates to the public for Open Farm Sunday said they had enjoyed their best event yet.

Sarah and Simon Righton, of Old Farm, in Dorn, have been involved with the annual event since 2006 and in previous years have welcomed between 150 and 350 visitors.

But this year, the couple attracted more than 500 visitors who enjoyed sheep shearing demonstrations, cider tasting, tractor rides and a farm walk.

Mr Righton said: "I'd like to thank everyone who made the effort to come and see what we do at Old Farm - it's always a relief when the first cars roll into the car park.

We're also really grateful for all the support from our staff, friends and family - we couldn't do it without them. Everyone really puts in a lot of effort to make the day go as smoothly as possible".

His wife added: "2015 will be our 10th open day and we're already planning ahead while it's fresh in our minds.

"Next year we'd like to offer more hands on experiences so if there are any other farmers out there who'd like to be involved with Farm Sunday but can't really open up their own farms we'd love to hear from them."