A BROADWAY artist is exhibiting images of traditional equestrian activities at The Royal Mews at Windsor Castle for the first time this weekend.

Jeremy Houghton's 'From The Meadows of the Cotswolds to The Fields of the Somme’ is opening at Haynes Fine Art gallery, Picton House, in Broadway, from Friday and runs until Sunday, June 15 to coincide with the third biennial Broadway Arts Festival.

Spread across three of Picton House’s galleries, his one-man show will feature paintings depicting the significant role that both the men and horses of Windsor played in the First World War.

His First World War depictions of ‘Ponies at War’ and some vignettes from a recent trip to the Somme, along with some previously unseen paintings from his residency at The Prince of Wales’s country estate Highgrove and new paintings of and around Broadway will also be exhibited.

Later this year, The Ashmolean Museum Broadway will host a ‘10 year Retrospective’ of Mr Houghton's work, which will run from August to February next year.

The exhibition will show how he has researched and rendered the concepts of movement, time, space and light over the last decade.