AN animal sanctuary owner near Evesham is calling for people to re-home abandoned horses.

Jan Taylor, who runs the Farm Animal Sanctuary at Manor Orchard Farm, Middle Littleton, said she fears that 19 abandoned travellers' horses could be put down if no one comes forward to rehome them.

Ms Taylor, who has more than 550 rescue animals, said she only has room for one horse herself but thought other people in the area might have room.

The horses - a mixture of mares in foal and a couple of geldings which could be suitable for riding - were seized in Redcar, Yorkshire and are now being held in Somerset.

"What the councils have been doing is rounding them all up and sending them to a place of safety," she said. "The majority of these horses are being shot. They haven't got anywhere to go.

"It's just sad. If you're putting an animal down it's because it's suffering, you don't want to have to cull these young horses that might have a chance. It's worth a try. It's a massive problem throughout the country.

"So many are being bred and are not wanted. Until these people realise it's a waste of time carrying on breeding them, they are just going to be shot."

Anyone who would like to re-home a horse, can contact Ms Taylor on 01386 832640.