HOSPITAL therapy departments across the region have benefited from grants of more than £35,000 from the Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust (GAT).

The trust, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, has smashed its £30,000 target to support up to 10 hospitals and has taken their 30-year fundraising total to £2.4 million.

Volunteer Treasurer Dylan Jenkins, who announced the financial results at their March Annual General Meeting, said increased donations have meant they could help even more people.

"This shows just how much both Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire residents want to help a locally based charity that in turn helps the 70,000 local people who suffer with Arthritis," he said.

Physiotherapy departments benefiting from GAT’s newest grants include The North Cotswold Hospital, in Moreton, and the George Moore Community Clinic, in Bourton.

Mr Jenkins said local support was a big help to them.

“We have had fantastic local support from Tesco at Stow, not forgetting amazing individuals like Mollie Wise in Bourton whose annual garden party raised £1,400 for GAT last year," he said.

“We are proud to have provided medical equipment that now enables over 2,000 people every year to have an operation that will help improve their mobility. It is clear that if you’ve got Arthritis, GAT is your charity.”

With people of all ages suffering from Arthritis, GAT Trustees have also given Gloucestershire Royal Hospital a grant of over £10,000, for surgeons to treat about 80 younger people every year, in the early stages of hip Arthritis.

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