ACTION is being taken in an attempt to stamp out so-called bed blocking in Worcestershire.

Members of the governing body of the South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group heard about plans to improve patient flow through the county’s hospitals at a meeting on Thursday, March 27.

There are currently 1,163 people in Worcestershire waiting longer than the NHS-mandated 18 weeks for operations and it is hoped the new plans will help patients get treated quicker.

A study at hospitals in the county found 30.6 per cent of patients in beds – including more than 50 per cent in community hospitals – did not need to be there.

Plans are being put in place to improve communication between doctors, nurses and other people working with patients in order to ensure treatment remains consistent.

It is also hoped that provision for care in the community arrangements can be improved so patients do not need to spend as much time in hospital as well as improving transport links to and from hospitals and surgeries.