PEOPLE in Worcester might actually have to reach for the suncream this weekend with temperatures set to soar well into double figures.

Milder spring air is heading to the county tomorrow (Saturday) with temperatures getting as high as 15C and even 18C on Sunday with plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

Ian Michaelwaite, of Pershore-based, said it could be toasty this weekend after a touch of frost first thing tomorrow morning which will lift around dawn.

"There's some warm moist air coming up from the south which is going to make feel like towards the end of spring rather than the beginning," he said. "As we head into the day there will be a bit of cloud around and a bit of mist to begin with. It will be a mixture of patchy cloud and brighter spells.

"Temperatures will be 14C to 15C, all in all not a bad spring day. You might have to break out the suncream possibly for the first time.

"On Sunday we should be enjoying pretty reasonable outbreaks of sunshine and 17C or even 18C. In the afternoon you could have almost unbroken sunshine."

And Mr Michaelwaite said the drier weather was here to stay for the time being.

"There's no sign of rain on the horizon until the end of next week," he said. "There will be nice, mild calm days."