A SCHOOL in the Cotswolds has been left devastated after computer equipment purchased following a fundraising event was stolen.

The theft of two brand new Toshiba laptops and two cameras were taken from Ebrington C of E Primary School between 4pm on Friday, February 14 and 9am on Monday, February 17.

It was one of two burglaries in the village over the same weekend which the police believed are linked.

Headteacher Jo Jonson said two out of the six the laptops - worth about £300 each - were stolen while four others were left covered in mud.

They had only been bought only a matter of day s before half term, after £10,000 was raised by the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) in one night at a charity auction.

"We are still very upset especially as so much work had gone into the fundraising," said Mrs Jonson. "We are a very small village school and the support of the parents and the community has been huge.

"For a school with 55 children in it to raise £10,000 in one night is quite phenomenal, we are just upset for everybody.

"We really don't know how they got in. We think it might have been through a fire door."

In the second incident, more than 60 cans of lager were stolen from the cricket club pavilion in Ebrington between 10.30am on Thursday, February 13 and 1.15pm on Saturday, February 15.

Thieves entered the building by breaking a window and made off with alcohol including 24 cans of Carling, 15 cans of Tetley Smooth, 20 cans of Fosters and 10 cans of Carlsberg which had been left for some of the players to enjoy after matches.

Club chairman John Baldwin said a lot of damage had been caused in the burglary which could cost up to £1,000 to repair.

"There was a lot of stupid vandalism, cupboards kicked in," he said. "Just stupid wilful vandalism which has to be put right. Windows, you name it, it was all smashed in.

"Whoever it was, sustained a very nasty cut from getting in the window. There was blood everywhere."

If anyone has had cameras or laptops offered to them, Stow Police would like to hear from them.

Anyone with information should call 101, quoting incident no 397 of 15/2/14 for the cricket club and 100 of 20/2/14 for the school break-in