AFTER a decade of being in the dark, St Peter's Church tower in Winchcombe is illuminated once again.

The iconic tower can now be lit up to make special occasions and celebrations thanks to a substantial legacy left by a life-long resident.

Phyllis Kind, who was brought up in the town in the cottage opposite St Peter's Church, bequeathed some money to the Friends of St Peter's Church when she died in 2011, aged 100.

Thanks to her cash, Light Perception’s consultant, Bruce Kirk, designed the lighting which was installed by Hussey Electrics.

And in December, the tower was lit up to mark eight birthdays, two weddings, eight memorials, a baptism and two other occasions.

Anyone can ask for the tower to be lit up, in return for a donation to cover future costs.

Sue Crownshaw, of Friends of St Peter's, said: "The Friends have invested heavily in this project and expect to be responsible for its maintenance.

"The decision to turn the light on when requested to mark notable anniversaries and other celebrations for a minimum donation of £5 has proved a hit. "

To make a tower lighting request call The Friends Secretary on 01242 602067for a form or they can be found in the church , at Dhillons (the Top Shop), or in the Coventry Building Society.