IT IS not every day that an entire collection of 53 paintings by an early 20th Century artist go on sale in an exhibition.

But with Harry Fidler, a countryman artist portrayed the working horse in the 1920’s, his work is being exhibited at the John Davies Gallery in Moreton.

The collection was compiled by Michael Fulda, a well-known Manchester dealer who travelled the country going from auction house to auction house and dealer to dealer for 35 years until suffering a debilitating stroke in 2007.

Mr Fulda had a fascination for the highly individual artist and had a speciality of acquiring the best examples.

Other than a Harry Fidler Memorial Exhibition at the Arlington Gallery, Bond Street, London in 1936, and a small collections shown in Godalming in 1982, this is the first exhibition and catalogue in 78 years to exclusively highlight his work .

Harry Fiddler’s work is known by many painting enthusiasts, collectors and professionals in the art trade but far less so by the general public.

The exhibition is taking place at the John Davies Gallery, Fosseway Business Park, from Saturday, March 1 to Saturday, March 29. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9.30pm to 5pm.