A WOMAN whose husband spent the final four months of his life in Worcestershire Royal Hospital has thanked staff who made his days more comfortable.

Dave Patrick died aged 76 on Friday, December 20 after undergoing treatment for kidney and heart conditions, during which he spent much of his time on cardiology ward Laurel 1, where he got to know staff well.

This month his wife Linda handed staff on the ward a £1,015 cheque to thank them for their hard work caring for her husband.

“Dave was looked after so well, right to the very end," she said.

"Before he was ill he used to spend all day out at the allotment with everyone always coming to him for advice so it was hard to be in hospital for so long.

"The staff kept his spirits up though.

“When we came to say goodbye at his funeral the church was packed.

"I was so touched, and everyone was so generous with their donations. I can’t thank them enough.

"I wanted to donate to the ward to say thank you for everything they did for us, and I hope they use the money for something that will help other patients.”

Mr Patrick was a keen gardener and was well known at the Worcester Garden Show for his prize winning tomato plants.

He also ran three allotments - where his friends planted a tree in his memory - as well as his own garden services business, Martley Contracting.

Jane Savage, sister on Laurel 1, said: “We’re really grateful for Linda’s donation and I’m proud that our team supported this family so well at such a difficult time.

“We will use the money to buy a new reclining chair for patients on the ward, dedicated to Mr Patrick.”