YOUNGSTERS from a nursery near Shipston had a busy week learning the didgeridoo to commemorate Australia Day.

Children at Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery, in Upper Tysoe, had a lesson on how the play the didgeridoo, made their own mini versions of the wind instrument and Anzac biscuits, as well as decorate the nursery in Australian flags they had made.

The official national day of Australia was celebrated on Sunday (January 26).

Rachel Giorgio, nursery manager, said it was part of a project to teach our children about different countries and cultures across the world.

"We’ve show them where Australia is on the map and talked to them about the difference in size it is and climate it has compared to our country, as well as discuss the different types of animals you find in the outback," she said.

"They had great fun making mini didgeridoos with kitchen roll tubes and trying to play a real didgeridoo, although not many of them managed to master the art.

“Next stop for this week is China, as we start learning about the Chinese New Year which is on January 31.”