STUDENTS were challenged to think how they would deal with a natural disaster in a special event.

A group from the Cotswold School took part in a disaster response day along with staff and volunteers from the British Red Cross, which simulated the aftermath of an earthquake.

They took on challenges including building shelters, connecting water pipelines, learning basic first aid and designing a camp for people left homeless.

The activities were designed to help the students develop team building and problem solving skills, and learn how organisations like the Red Cross help people affected by a disaster.

Rosie Walters, humanitarian education project manager at the Red Cross, said: “Everyone has been greatly moved and saddened by the devastating images we have seen from the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

“Sometimes people are so bombarded with images of disasters on the news that it becomes really hard to focus on the human story behind them.

“The day was all about focusing on that story, encouraging the students to think about how they would feel in a disaster situation and considering what people’s humanitarian needs are.”