STRATFORD and South Warwickshire Liberal Democrat members have unanimously chosen their new prospective MP.

Elizabeth Adams, aged 26, who lives in the constituency with her family and has many years of experience campaigning on issues locally and nationally, has been chosen to run for general election in 2015.

“I feel honoured that local members have chosen me to run for election as the next Member of Parliament for Stratford in 2015," she said.

" As someone who lives locally and uses the same services that other residents use day in, day out, I understand the issues and concerns facing local people.

"I look forward to working with our Liberal Democrat councillors to build a stronger economy and fairer society."

Miss Adams is known nationally in the party for her dedicated campaigning to tackle and prevent domestic abuse and she successfully created new party policy at their Party Conference last year calling for a new set of proposals to fight sexual and domestic violence.

John Barrett , local Liberal Democrat Party Chair, said: “Elizabeth represents a great choice for local residents when they come to cast their vote at the General Election next year.

“Elizabeth has already hit the ground running and is out knocking on doors and listening to what issues really matter to residents across Stratford and our many towns and villages.”