A GLIMPSE into the online pornography habits of Worcestershire people has been revealed after one of the UK’s biggest porn sites shared its visitor figures.

The figures Porn Hub, showed people from Evesham spent the longest time on the site, viewing xrated content for an average of 10 minutes and two seconds.

They also looked at more pages per visit than others in the county – accessing an average of 6.85 pages per visit during a total of 37,624 visits across the town.

The figures listed almost 500 towns in the UK, the average time its residents spent on the website, the number of pages visited and the number of visits from a geographical area in the space of a year.

Not far behind Evesham were visitors from Malvern who spent an average of nine minutes and 57 seconds on each of their visits to the site.

They visited 6.69 pages per visit and made 44,879 visits altogether.

As expected due to its relative size, Worcester showed the most visits to the website – with 527,017 visits per year – but the city’s people spent slightly less time – an average of nine minutes 46 seconds – viewing 6.65 pages per visit.

In the north of the county, people from Bromsgrove spent the longest time on the site, averaging nine minutes and 57 seconds per visit.

People from the town visited 6.88 pages per visit and made a total of 23,335 visits.

People from Kidderminster and Redditch all spent nine minutes 51 seconds accessing the sex site although those in Redditch watched more pages – 6.88 per visit compared to Kidderminster’s 6.79 pages per visit.

Those in Kidderminster made a total of 90,431 visits while their Redditch counterparts visited Porn Hub 124,337 times.

Meanwhile, in Hereford, people looked at the site for an average of nine minutes and 35 seconds per visit, accessing 6.64 pages each time. They made 73,573 visits in total during the past 12 months.

The site also revealed that Monday was the most popular day to access porn while the month that sees the most searches is January.

People from Ware in Hertfordshire spent the longest looking at porn than any other UK town, with their visits lasting an average of 10 minutes and 37 seconds.


EVESHAM Pages per visit - 6.85 Number of visits - 37,624 Average visit - 10m 2s

WORCESTER Pages per visit - 6.65 Number of visits - 527,017 Average visit - 9m 46s

GREAT MALVERN Pages per visit - 6.69 Number of visits - 44,879 Average visit - 9m 57s

BIRMINGHAM Pages per visit - 6.87 Visits - 2,963,255 Average visit - 9m 52s