AT 84 years old most people are ready to put their days of work firmly behind them and take some time to sit back and relax.

But not Broughton Hackett pensioner Ken Parton who has published his first book.

And he hasn’t stopped there.

He is currently penning his third book while his second goes through the publishing process.

His first book, Tales From The Tool Box, is an autobiography looking back at his days as an apprentice from 1949 to 1951, and although Mr Parton says it will never beat JK Rowling in the bestseller lists, he hopes it will be enjoyed by readers.

It follows Roger, the character depicting Mr Parton, as he is plunged into a major engineering works as an apprentice.

Mr Parton says it recalls some of his best times on the floor and shares a wealth of hilarious stories told while sitting on toolboxes during tea breaks.

He said: “I had such a wonderful time as an apprentice. I made great contacts and GEC (General Electric Company) was a wonderful place to work.

“Everyone has this picture that industry is at the bottom of the list but it is a wonderful life.

At the end of the day you felt satisfied.

“This is the first time I have had to write the book. Lots of apprentices had written to me about their experiences and I thought one year I must do this.

“The book is never going to be the next Harry Potter but it’s interesting for people who have been in the industry.”

Throughout the book Mr Parton revisits the moments during his apprenticeship which really stood out.

He said: “One of the funniest parts is when my colleague lost his trousers on the train. It was during a train trip to London.

He cycled to work from West Bromwich and got soaking wet.

“He went to the first class lavatories and held the trousers out the window to dry but they got snatched away. But he pulled the communication cord and when he arrived in Paddington they had a tailor at the station with two pairs of trousers.”

The father of four and grandfather of eight is now busy on his latest book, and is waiting to find out how many of the 300 copies of Tales From The Toolbox he had printed have been sold.

“I am now on my third book.

The second was about my childhood in Sussex, called Peace and War: A childhood in Sussex, and the third is a set of coach stories,” he added.

The books are available in Upton Snodsbury at the Post Office and the Coventry Arms.

Or, to get a signed copy, contact Mr Parton on 01905 381822.