PROPOSALS for 145 new homes in Bourton will go before the public next week.

Bloor Homes is holding a second information day so people can comment on final plans for the development to the back of Roman Way.

The parish council recently met the developer to view the amended layout of the site after residents’ comments at earlier public meetings.

Councillors asked for the construction to be phased if the plans go ahead, with no more than 50 houses being built a year, starting in 2014.

They also asked for Bloor Homes to look at ways of increasing employment and retail opportunities and significantly improving the foul water network.

A planning application has yet to be submitted.

Residents were celebrating in November after Cotswold District Council threw out plans for 100 new homes on land off Station Road.

But parish council chairman Bryan Sumner said with developer Robert Hitchen likely to appeal, councillors should not be too hasty in making decisions over future planning applications.

He said: “If we keep talking to developers we are more likely to get what we want. If Station Road goes to appeal we will stand a better chance of defending that if we don’t say no to everything else.

“It’s clear the parish council and residents are against Station Road. It is becoming harder to resist planning applications and once they go to appeal they are in the hands of the inspector.

“There’s an almost universal feeling in Bourton we would prefer not to have any further development or housing stock. But it’s clear to us further development in Bourton is inevitable whether we like it or not.”

Councillor Nigel Randall said more development would happen whether or not they objected. He said: “It’s going to happen. I think if we’re talking to them we might get somewhere.”

Councillor Helen Macklin added she would like to see some of the new homes built solely for local young people.

The event is taking place in the Victoria Hall on Wednesday (16) from 4pm to 9pm.