NEW half a million pound flood defences in a Warwickshire village proved their worth – a week before their official completion.

The flood defence scheme at Marlcliff, near Bidford, managed to protect a large number of houses that have flooded in the past but two homes still flooded.

Clerk of Bidford Parish Council Elisabeth Uggerlose said she had been in contact with people living in homes affected by flooding in the past.

“It has worked and saved a lot of houses from flooding but a couple have been affected.

There were others that had a little bit but they have been able to dry it out.”

When they are fully complete the new defences should reduce the risk of flooding to a one in 100 chance in any one year.

The Environment Agency was responsible for the construction work on the new scheme, which consists of earth embankments and flood walls. Improvements have also been made to some culverts and an existing watercourse has been re-aligned.

The Environment Agency is also replacing fencing and hedgerow and replanting trees that were removed as part of the construction work. They will be back in spring next year to carry out grass seeding and landscaping to the area in front of the flood wall to provide a visual screen for residents.