OUR council is killing us!

That is, the local retailers and small businesses of Pershore.

We are all struggling through the longest recession in modern times.

Instead of encouraging traders to open shops that would increase footfall in the town they decide to give permission for a large coffee shop chain to open in a section of High Street where four other cafés are already established, regardless of a 1,000- signature petition against the plan. The are in total seven cafés in the town and this will just dilute the existing trade.

This council should be supporting these independents, some of which have occupied premises for decades.

The traders of Pershore are keeping the town alive and the council offers little incentive to its customers as car parking charges are constantly increasing. It is now £1 per hour to park in the town centre car park.

A car park in Worcester has recently opened adjacent to Asda charging £1 for 3 hours. Evesham Retail Park car park is free. So where’s the incentive to come in to Pershore?

We need a couple of well-known stores such as M & S Foods, Argos, to set up here. Car parking charges should be dropped regularly for set periods.

This could also reduce the presence of traffic wardens (I counted three recently operating at the same time), thus saving resources.

JAYNE BROTHERIDGE The Godown Shop and Tearoom, Pershore