March 9, 2013 – main construction works begin. The planned 10-week closure is set to take place over the summer.

March 28 – the Journal reports a 12-week delay to the date of the closure.

April 10 – delay is confirmed and closure rescheduled for September.

June 20 – the new date for the 10-week closure of the bridge is announced as the third week in September and Journalbacked ‘Open for Business’ campaign launched.

September 19 – bridge closes amid reports of traffic chaos.

November 13 – Worcestershire County Council announces delay to closure of three weeks.

The bridge is now set to reopen on December 20.

December 4 – Worcestershire County Council announce further delay to closure.

January 14 – Worcestershire County Council and Hochtief confirm the bridge will re-open on March 31.

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adc1960 says...

“It would seem somewhat appropriate if it is delayed by 1 day till April 1st – April Fools day – kind of appropriate for our local councillors and highway chiefs.”

DarrenM says...

“Is there a reason, (and I'm only guessing this) that there were no penalty clauses in this contract to rebuild the bridge? I'm sure with a £1,000 a day fine for everyday over the completion date, the bridge would have been finished long before Christmas?”

asumabstainer says...

“If the work is completed by this forecast then the opening of the bridge should be carried out by someone with nothing to do with the county council or Hochtief.

WilkoJ says...

“This project more than any sums up nicely how incompetent the council's highways department really is.”