Former British athlete Greg Rutherford has revealed why he prefers Dancing On Ice to Strictly Come Dancing as the popular ITV show returns this weekend.

The 37-year-old sportsman took part in the BBC ballroom program all the way back in 2016 but will now don a pair of ice skates.

Talking about his experiences on both shows, the Olympian revealed that he was "really crap" at Strictly, adding that he was preferring his time on the ice.

Olympian Greg Rutherford reveals why he likes Dancing On Ice more than Strictly Come Dancing

Speaking of his preference for Dancing On Ice over Strictly Come Dancing, Greg Rutherford, who is partnered with Vanessa James, said: “I was really crap at Strictly. So that’s the big thing.

“It’s amazing how much more you enjoy something when you feel a bit better at doing it… This feels more like a sport to me than Strictly ever did.

“And obviously, I’d never danced a step in my life before I went on to Strictly and it showed.

“And I think people maybe just felt sorry for me, and how I lasted til Blackpool I have no idea.

He went on to explain his love for the ITV show, saying: “But with this, I love every aspect of it.

“Everything about it feels more physical in the way that I understand – if that makes sense.

“I feel more in control of my body even though we’re on ice.”

He added: “This is probably more difficult from the point of view of the risk, the danger and everything else, but I can put my mind to it as I did with sport.

“Because this is sport basically and that for me sits so much better within my mind, my body.”

The star, who took part in the BBC show in 2016, added: “It works a lot better for me, I feel much more comfortable doing it and I’m just enjoying it more.

“And that’s the big thing. Obviously Strictly is a great show as well but I enjoy this more.

“And I think, for me, I’ve not danced a step again since I finished that show.

“This one – I think I’ll skate for the rest of my life because I love it that much.”