LITTLETON goalkeeper Jack Hartopp insisted he had been duty bound to go for the save that left him with serious head and facial injuries which could have threatened his sight.

Saturday's clash at Coventry Copsewood was abandoned after 62 minutes when Hartopp received a blow to the head in a goalmouth scramble.

The custodian was hospitalised with a gash that covered his eyelid as well as concussion that caused the action to be halted while medics were called.

But Hartopp was adamant he had no regrets and plans to be back between the sticks in a fortnight.

"I remember the ball being headed but everything was a blur until I was in the ambulance," said Hartopp. "My head was pounding and I felt dizzy, really head heavy.

"Upon partially coming round on the pitch, I couldn’t see out of my right eye. I had a two-inch wide gash on eye lid which was two millimetres away from my eye. I also had a gash that stops under my eye lashes.

"I still have a nasty headache but hope to recover from the concussion as soon as possible. I hope to be back playing within two weeks.

"I’ve been in a decent run of form and am slightly gutted this will put a slight hold on my season. I don’t think it’ll affect the way I play much, it’s all part and parcel of being a goalkeeper. Had I not saved it I would have let down the lads!"

Hartopp extended his thanks to both clubs for their swift action with team-mates Dan Carter and Robbie Agar getting a special mention alongside Darren Dickson and Sean Flood from Copsewood.

Littleton had dominated the first half and on 30 minutes took a lead deserved lead through Carter's 20-yard shot across the keeper.

Daniel Byford steered in a shot from 18 yards to give the Ton Boys a two-goal cushion but Copsewood recovered well after the interval, hitting back through Jacob Dodds and Lawrence Rawlings before Hartopp's unfortunate incident.

Littleton host Heather St Johns in Midland Football League Division One on Saturday (3pm) before entertaining Malvern Town in the Worcester Infirmary Cup on Wednesday, November 22 (7.45).