A TRIO of Pershore High School students put on a good performance in a prestigious national karting final.

Team members Andrew English, aged 16, Joe Kacarevic, 16, and Will Hill, 15, came 18th in the country in the final of the British Schools Karting Championship at the Daytona International circuit, held at Milton Keynes.

The event had whittled down 500 teams, drawn from 193 schools, down to just 102 drivers spread amongst 34 teams, all of whom were supported by vocal families and teaching staff.

The format saw each team racing to accrue the maximum possible points from six heats, with each driver competing in two races.

Clive Corbett, headteacher, said: “We have been very pleased to support Andrew, Joe and Will in this exciting activity.

“We are delighted that they have reached such national heights.”

Will Tew, championship organiser, said: “I must congratulate Pershore High School for their fantastic contribution.”

For more information about the British Schools Championship, go to bskc.co.uk.