MEMBERS of the Bourton Roadrunners were in action at the Chipping Norton Parkrun last weekend.

Last week saw members take part in the most recent 'couch-to-5k program', graduating to Parkrun, this time it at Chipping Norton School.

They were accompanied by some of the club’s leadership team, together with a blend of regular and newer members.

They were grateful for the vastly improved weather conditions, which enabled everyone to have an enjoyable experience.

Leading the club home over the 5k course were two of the younger members, with Dougal Hamilton-Smith holding-on for second place overall in 20 minutes and 7 seconds (1st JM15-17), closely chased by in-form Edward Hare, who was 4th overall, in 20 minutes and 13 seconds (1st JM11-14).

Parkrun events take place across the country every weekend of the year, with the aim to encourage people to stay active and enjoy competition but also to improve mental health and provide a social occasion for people of all ages.

This was evidenced by results of all of our participants this week: Graham Lane – 26:25 (MV65/1 and a course PB), Lorna Shawcross – 27:11 (LV60/1), Liz Hulcup – 27:39 (LV70/1), Sharon Rees – 32:54, Raymond Webster – 34:06 (course PB), Ian Tolfts – 34:07,.

Maria Hall – 34:14 (LV35/3), Steph Holton – 34:15, Donna Robinson – 35:34, Patrick Smith – 37:28 (course PB), Becky McQillan – 38:14, Joanne Welch – 40:06, Lynn Hudson – 40:06 (LV65/2), Julie Smith – 41:44 (course PB), Giles Canning – 41:45, Samantha Mellor – 43:16.

Louise Hamilton-Smith – 43:16, Margaret Hollamby – 43:45 (LV65/3), John Conway – 43:45 (MV65/3), Margaret Skelding – 45:37 (LV70/2) and Melissa Samuel – 46:34.