THE 2023 Moreton Show played host to the Hayman-Joyce Pony Club Pairs Relay Challenge in an exciting twist to the recent annual event.

The competition was transformed into a Pony Club spectacle, bringing together teams of two ponies and riders for a thrilling relay event.

Competitors navigated challenging fences, showcasing their equestrian prowess within the grandeur of the Grand Arena, all in pursuit of the coveted Hayman-Joyce Challenge Trophy.

The event garnered tremendous interest, with an oversubscribed field of 16 teams, each vying for victory as the ponies galloped, jumped and executed precision turns.

The semi-finals saw an epic showdown between Beatrice and Bella of the Galloping Greys and Bridget and Jack of The Bicester Broncos, with The Bicester Broncos securing their spot in the final.

Simultaneously, Grace and Flora of Moo-Bob faced off against Ellie and Natasha of Beaufort Babes, with Beaufort Babes prevailing and earning their place in the championship round.

The final was a nail-biting contest, with mere seconds separating the teams. In the end, Beaufort Babes emerged triumphant as the inaugural winners of the Pony Club Pairs Relay competition. The prestigious Hayman-Joyce Challenge Trophy was presented by Tom Hayman-Joyce, representing the event's sponsors.

"I was thrilled to witness this competition evolve into a Pony Club event for the first time, " he said.

"It provides young riders with the remarkable opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a vast audience.

"Witnessing the agility of the ponies and the bravery of the riders was truly a spectacle. Congratulations to all the participating teams, and I look forward to welcoming you back for another thrilling competition next year."