BOURTON Roadrunners' Eva Shoemark completed her debut run in the London Marathon last weekend.

Supported by a group of her friends and family at various points around the course, the 23-year-old demonstrated strength of character in the later stages, battling with cramp, to finish the course in 3.5 hours.

Meanwhile, in Spain the weather was totally different, with Bourton Roadrunners being represented at two different locations.

At the Majorca Long Course, participants selected their mix of events. Maxine Emes chose a swim/run combination and Darren Long the cycle/run combination.

Despite the cycle event being cancelled, Long still ran the half marathon, where he finished 2nd, achieving a podium finish in a time of 1:30:49.

Emes completed her 3.8k swim in a brilliant time of 60 minutes and 4 seconds, followed by the half marathon in 1:47:26 where she was fifth lady to cross the line.

On the same day, Claire Carroll ran at the Madrid Marathon, which was part of the Zurich Rock 'n' Roll Running series. With many people walking from halfway due to the heat and hills, Claire battled on, enjoying the more than 30 entertainment stages around the course, finishing in 4:47:39

Nearer to home six club members took part in the Malvern Marathon and Half Marathon, organised by the Heart of England Long Distance Walkers Association, which had a 20-hour time limit, with check-points around the course.

Taking on the shorter distance was Miron Darby, Lorna Shawcross and Alex Pye, while Susan Hunt, Janet Balinski and Derek Darby completed the longer distance.

As it was self-navigation event, the actual distances varied according to the individual’s map reading skills.