EVESHAM’S junior and senior squads won 21 events in Cardiff over two days.

There were first-day victories on the 1,000-metre course for singles Duncan Repton, Becca Parkin ahead of club-mate Maddy Cross and Libby Ackerman and doubles Rachel Matthews and Karen Gayler, Carol Lovelock and Liz Stranks, Emily Jones and Charlie Akerman, Ella Shalom and Maddy Cross and Matt Oliver and Toby Haycock.

Victorious crew boats were made up of Mark Repton, Steve Penrose, Arthur Angus and Simon Andrews, coxed by Lovelock, Lovelock, Liz Stranks, Julie Foster and Dawn Nutton and Jones, Charlie Akerman, Martha Bradley and Katie Ham.

On the second day in the 500m sprint, singles winners were Bradley, Libby Ackerman, Ollie Parr, Tyler Huddleston and Leah Saunders.

Doubles victors were Sam McClenahan and Parr, Duncan Repton and Sam McClenahan, Libby Akerman and Nutton and Richard Wood.

Coach Lovelock finished a busy weekend by coxing to victory masters Wood, Mark Repton, Andrews and Penrose.