PERSHORE Swimming Club enjoyed resounding success at the John Neale Trophy Gala in Redditch.

They topped the points table with 225 ahead of Redditch Reds on 221, Redditch Blacks on 205 and Boldmere on 183.

Youngsters Holly Latif, Jessie Mothersole, Reuben Jones, Ben Lavender and Zachery Chatron-Michaud impressed at their first gala.

Meagan Teale, Eleanor Deacon, Emily Gleaves, Fiona Taylor, Liam Boulton, Kyle Bass, Jones, Lavender and Chatron-Michaud secured top three places in their nine year races.

Pershore also achieved top four positions in all their 10 year events thanks to Aleksandra Kelly, Chelsea Pullen, Maisie Beach, Latif, Mothersole, Tom Porter, Toby Marchant, Max Lester and Matthew Drayton.

There were some fast 11 and under swims from Nathaniel Bracewell and Chatron-Michaud supported by Porter, Marchant, Emily Pask, Lottie Styler, Rosie Guild and Libby Boulton.

Twelve and under girls Betsy Deacon, Philippa Taylor, Jess Barnes and Chloe Barnard achieved top three places in their events including a speeding ticket for the latter in the butterfly contest.

Top four spots went to boys Jack Porter, Toby Stanley, Charlie Deary, Josh Heeks and Ioan Underwood.

Pershore head coach Tom Naughton said: "We have an excellent group of promising young swimmers who are following the instructions of an excellent junior coaching team.

"There is a buzz going through the club at the moment with new committee members doing some great work outside the pool to support the young swimmers in achieving their success.”