EVESHAM driver Rob Austin is heading to Birmingham NEC on Thursday where his team HMS Racing will launch their new Alfa Romeo Giulietta for the British Touring Car Championship.

The Swindon team will be at the four-day Autosport International Show on the Motorsport News 60th Anniversary Dunlop MSA BTCC stand.

Austin said: “I’m really excited to unveil the car. I’m aware I am biased but I think it’s an absolutely stunning car and with a badge that represents the passion and excitement for motorsport that is so prevalent in our team.

“I can’t think of any entirely new BTCC car in recent times that has been ready to go so early in the year, indeed there are many cars that aren’t new which still aren’t ready.

"So we really are ahead of the game and that’s thanks to the support of our fantastic sponsors, the hard work of the HMS Racing team and our suppliers.

“Being the first to have our 2018 plans confirmed and being ready in such good time we hope will bode well for the season.

"We want to see this beautiful piece of machinery start its BTCC career as the Toyota ended (last season).”