A KIDDERMINSTER auctioneer and actor has put his expertise to use on a smash hit Sky History TV series.

Craig Leonard provided the drama reconstructions for Lost Relics of the Knights Templar, which has proved a ratings hit for the newly-launched channel.

The show, which is now available to watch on catch up, follows renowned treasure hunters, and Craig's friends, Hamilton White and Carl Cookson, as they trace the origin of an impressive haul of treasure believed to have belonged to the Knight's Templar.

The programme came after its creators spent 20 years hunting down the items around the world.

Craig, who owns Wyre Forest Auctions on Lister Road, was on hand to provide historical reconstructions to make the programme as accurate as possible, where he played the role of the Grand Master.

The programme took the hunters to locations including Portugal and Israel, but Craig filmed his scenes much closer to home, shooting historical reconstructions in Wolverley.

Craig said: "I try to learn as much as possible about everything. I have seen everything from Knight's Templar treasure to Viking swords and Celtic gold, everything you would normally see locked away in a museum."

One such item to recently have come into Craig's possession from Hamilton White is a rare bracelet dating back to the Vikings.

It is not known whether the jewellery is from Britain or Scandinavia but Craig says it shows what treasures can make their way to Kidderminster through the antiquities world.

He added: "I don't know know what is going to come through our hands."

The 57-year-old, whose acting credits span TV and film ranging from Allo Allo to Atonement, is now on a mission to create a vibrant history hub in Kidderminster by promoting antiquities and encouraging people to explore the past.

Craig is also a member of the Kidderminster and District Metal Detecting Society, who are now on the lookout for land to search.

Anyone who can offer land to be explored by the group should contact Craig on 07928874623.