IT has been a tough time for hospitality businesses but one cafe in Ludlow is determined to maker up for lost time.

The Cottage Cafe near to the town library has to try to make up for more than three months of lost earnings since the shutdown in March.

Gill Lovett, who set up the business two years ago after a career in teaching, is hopefully that customers will return but accepts that it could be a slow process.

The reopening is also good news for the 10 full or part time staff who work in the business.

But there will have to be changes.

"We are really pleased to be back," said Ms Lovett.

"It really is a new start for us because it was not really practical for us to do take away food.

"There have had to be changes in order to adapt and that means that there will be fewer tables both inside and outside."

Ms Lovett says that she is fortunate in being able to have six tables outside where customers can sit.

"That will be fine when it is warm and dry but will not work when it is wet," she said.

"We can only hope that the second half of the summer is as good as the first. There is no doubt that we have lost a lot of business during what was a very nice spring and early summer."

The other changes that customers will find is that plates and cutlery will all be disposable as will the menus.

Staff will also be in face masks to protect customers and themselves.

With the expectation of a slow start the opening hours will initially be less than before but if there is demand then they will be extended in response.

Customers will be encouraged to pay by card although money will be taken.

"A significant proportion of our customers are likely to prefer to say with cash and some will not want to pay for a cup of coffee with a card," added Mr Lovett.

The change in the rules on social distancing with a move from two to one metres has made it possible for pubs, restaurants and cafes to reopen.

With the Cottage Cafe located in an alleyway that many people use when getting from the Galdeford car park to the town centre it is hoped that visitors as well as locals start returning to the town.

"We are now into what is the most important time of the year for us and so we are hoping for the best," added Ms Lovett.