THERE has been criticism after contractors travelled 200 miles to undertake road repairs in Ludlow Town Centre.

The work was also undertaken on what has been termed ‘Super Saturday’ when pubs and restaurants in the town reopened.

Contractors drove 200 miles from Norwich to resurface Dinham and Linney, according to Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

“That’s despite the council’s commitment to using local contractors and to becoming carbon neutral,” added Mr Boddington.

“The works also began on a day when King Street was closed and pubs and cafes reopened. The work was four days later than scheduled.

“No one in Shirehall seemed to know this was happening. Or of they did, they didn’t care about the disruption to traffic and trade on the most important day for Ludlow this year.

“This work was not necessary. The residents of Dinham and Linney don’t think the work should have been done.

“But a mile away, Parys Road is collapsing. The recent patching on this road will not survive next winter.

“This problem is not about broken roads. It is about a broken highways operation in Shropshire Council. The council has embarrassed itself this weekend. But I don’t think it cares so much as a pothole.”