HEREFORD'S MP says he does not agree with how the Prime Minister's aide Dominic Cummings read the rules when he travelled from London to Durham during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jesse Norman said he has barely met Mr Cummings who said those with coronavirus symptoms were allowed to leave the house for childcare reasons.

But the Conservative MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, who is currently serving as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said he will not pass judgement on others in politics.

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"It will come as no surprise that I have had a full post bag of emails full of anger and indignation about Dominic Cummings," he said.

"I have barely met Mr Cummings, and do not come to this issue with an axe to grind either way.

"Though I do not agree with his reading of the lockdown rules, I can understand how someone could take a different view, especially given all the stress of the moment.

"I would feel the same way about a constituent who found themselves in a similar position.

"It has never been my practice to pass judgement on others in politics, whatever their party or views, and I do not propose to start now."

Mr Cummings admitted he drove 260 miles from London to Durham to isolate with his wife and child on March 27.

Fifteen days later he took a 60-mile round trip from Durham to a nearby town on his wife's birthday - a trip he says he made to test whether his eyesight was good enough to drive.