A HOTEL has revealed its brand new look after flooding twice last month - but now faces being closed for its busiest season.

The Severn Vue Hotel in Newport street has had a fresh new look but owner Indy Singh says he is worried for the future of his business.

Mr Singh, 42 said: “We’ve taken hit after hit. First the flooding - we managed to clear up and reopen after the first one. We were open for a day and then it flooded again!

“Now we are back open for business, I have updated the front and spent a long time renovating the inside. We have replaced everything, the chairs, the bar, the glasses, the coolers, everything has been stripped out and it is looking good again.”

“Now, we are ready for customers, but no-one is allowed out due to the virus! It is what it is, but I am sure my business will suffer. We will miss out on our best months for trade. The races and the cricket during the summer bring so many people in. Being closed for the next few months will no doubt hit us hard.

“The whole town will suffer because there is no-one around.”

He said he had not been able to refurbish the top of the building yet due to the high costs of materials.

Mr Singh says he would welcome more help to maintain the building, which is expensive due to its listed status.

“This is a great building in the very heart of the city that I love – it used to be the gatehouse to Worcester,” he said. “It seems only right that this beautiful building be made to shine as it would have done back then.

"I am proud of what I have done since I have been here, but it still needs a lot of work to fit in with the beautiful scenery of the river and the cathedral.

“Because of the listed status of the building there are strict restrictions in terms of what we can do with the exterior. For example, the windows need replacing, but they must be the exact same windows that were in before, and they cost thousands and thousands of pounds.

“I understand the need to maintain the history of this building, but the costs are spiralling out of control. I can’t manage it all myself. It is a real shame that nobody sees the value of the hotel and what an asset it could be to Worcester. I don’t get any help from the council as a small business. Not even a loan.”

Mr Singh said he is currently not able pay himself a wage and is reliant on savings.